RS232 Com Tap Data Monitor

Download RS232 Com Tap Data Monitor User's guide v1.10

RS232 Com Tap is a reliable, compact, low latency USB powered device used to make monitoring of full and half duplex rs232
communication much easier. Combined with our software program, RS232CPM com monitor, RS232 Com Tap is a complete
RS232 monitoring solution. Our price is lower and the quality is better than the competition and RS232 Com Tap uses a crystal
oscillator to insure high accuracy.

Just plug RS232 Com Tap into a standard USB port with the supplied or any USB A to mini B cable, install the drivers and
RS232CPM and begin monitoring. RS232 Com Tap can also be used with any rs232 terminal program that is compatible with
virtual com ports including Windows HyperTerminal.

RS232 Com Tap can be used to at least 460K Baud with standard or non-standard baud rates (higher for standard baud rates).
The supplied programs can also communicate at up to 1 mega baud.

Designed to be inserted between two serial devices, the RS232 Com Tap has a male DB9 connector on one end and a Female
DB9 connector on the other. A typical application setup is shown below.

RS232 Com Tap drivers can be installed on a wide variety of operating systems including:
Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP, XP 64-bit, XP Embedded, Vista, 7, CE.NET 4.2 and 5.0.
MAC OS 8 / 9, OS-X and Linux 2.4 and greater.

RS232 Com Tap comes with a CD containing RS232CPM v1.0 registered program and USB drivers.
A 6ft USB A to mini B cable is also included.

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