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RS232 Monitoring Hook-up Diagrams

The image below shows how to hook up for RS232 monitoring with RS232M Com Monitor using a RS-232/USB hub.

RS232 Usb Hub Diagram

One advantage to this system is the RS232 hub and com cable assembly are hot swappable, that is, they can be connected or disconnected from the Laptop on the fly and the laptop doesn’t have to be shut down. Disconnecting or reconnecting the circuit from the laptop does not effect communication between the DTE and DCE.

The next image shows the cable hook up for monitoring data with 2 available RS232 ports.

RS232 Half Duplex Diagram

The last image shows how to hook up for monitoring data with a single RS232 port. With this method, the data will be shown in one window for both devices (note a half duplex cable is used). Use the DCE port for this configuration with RS232M Com Monitor and a single DTE/DCE system.

RS232 Full Duplex Diagram

The DTE is usually a PC but it can be a Programmable controller or another device that controls RS232 communication. The DCE takes instructions and executes commands. Some common devices that are normally DCE’s are:

Programmable Controller
Data Acquisition Controller
Motor Controller
Bench Meter
Relay Controller

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