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Free software for viewing PDF documents is availible fromAdobe Software.The PDF format is used extensively on the web and we have a few links to documents that use the PDF format.

See our Home Page for the RS232 Hex Com Tool 6.0 program and the RS232M Com Monitor 4.0 program. Both programs are excellent tools for RS232 development and troubleshooting. Get both and save.

Inexpensive and reliable USB to RS232 converters, bus powered USB hubs, RS232 monitoring cables.

RS232 Documents

Dallas Semiconductor has a document on PC RS232 fundamentals that is very comprehensive. Dallas also makes 80C51 based microcontrollers and they have additional documents on them, including a document on how to use their high-speed serial ports.

For more definitions of RS232 terms, the "Webopedia" may be what your looking for. It has a section on RS232 ports and interfacing.

Embedded RS232 developers may find a document with simplified information on using the MCS-51tm (80C51) microcontroller's built-in UART useful. Click Here.

Beyond Logic sounds like a web site that Mr. Spock might like. Actually, the site has a lot of information on RS232, serial ports, parallel ports, USB, etc. Beyond logic has an excellent 40 page PDF document on serial port interfacing.

Arc Electric is another site with a nice RS-232 page with graphics and modular connector info.

This site has a nice set of oscilloscope type RS232 waveform graphics.

To convert from RS232 line signals to TTL compatible signals try this link. It shows how to make a converter from a DB25 connector to a Motorola micro.

Embedded Development

MicrochipMicrochip Technology is the manufacturer of a wide variety of small microcontrollers, serial eeproms and related devices. Microchip also has tools to develop their line of microcontrollers including MPLab, an IDE (integrated development environment) for assembly and C programming.

Piclite C compiler for Pic16c84 and Pic16f84 microcontrollers from Hi-tech is a free C compiler. The 16f84 is an electrically erasable, 18-pin chip with 1K of flash eprom and 68 bytes of ram. We have a copy of the Piclite compiler and the documentation in a self extracting zipped PDF file for download from our server. Pic16f84 documentation here. This compiler can (and should) be used with Microchip's Mplab IDE, here's a link. You'll need a programmer, try the inexpensive, do-it-yourself, Noppp for windows.

For larger applications use the new MCS-51tm based "Flash" microcontroller devices from Phillips Semiconductors with 512/1K ram and 32K/64K rom. "Flash" devices are electrically erasable so no UV eraser is needed. Also the 89C51Rx+ devices are in-circuit programmable using their simple interface or VID's. Our circuit has an adjustable programming voltage so that the board can be used for programming other micros, using the 89C51Rx+ (after its programmed) as the interface. The newest of the "Rx" line is the 89C51Rx2 controllers that use half the processing time as their predecessors. All of the above controllers have built-in UART driven RS232 ports.

  Atmel has a lot of micro's that have "Flash" on-board eprom and ram. They have a line of MCS-51tm based devices and of particular interest is the 20-pin AT89C4051, a new micro with 128 bytes of ram and 4K flash rom. Data sheets on the AT89C4051 and other Atmel MCS-51tm based devices can be downloaded as a PDF, postscript file or fax back HERE. Atmel also has a lot of information on their page of software & shareware.

Dontronics PICmicro & AVR hardware and software. RS-232 to VGA Adapter. Many >unique products.

Scenix Semiconductor has the fastest 8-bit microcontrollers that we know of, the "SX" line of controllers that can access data at up to 10ns instruction cycles (100mhz). The architecture is the same as the Microchip line of flash controllers.

Needhams Electronics sells microcontroller programmers. The EMP11 programmer is the best bargain and it can program all of the Intel based controllers we use plus a few PICs.

Bytecraft Technology, located in Canada, has an embedded C compiler that works with Microchips MPLab IDE. The MPC compiler is a relatively inexpensive alternative to other embedded compilers.

Electronic Parts

See our home page for inexpensive and reliable USB to RS232 converters, bus powered USB hubs, monitoring cables and software.

Digikey Corporation, located in Thief River Falls Minnesota is a very good source for electronic components, power supplies and PIC micro devices. Digikey also has a comprehensive list of industry links.

Jameco has a good assortment of components, especially proto boards for PIC microcontrollers. Jameco also has kits to build assorted high-tech toys.

USB Organization


PC Software Development

MarshallsoftMarshallsoft produces a very nice C/C++ RS232 function library to be used for writing PC RS232 applications. We have used a few libraries but found WSC4C to be the least expensive, most compact and easiest to use. We tested it and so far, we've found no bugs!

Inprise Corporation, formerly Borland software, sells the best windows based C++ compiler we have ever used. C++ Builder allows you to develop windows programs easier than visual C++, with faster execution than visual basic programs and as easy to use.

  G Experts is a free add-on for C++ builder. After installing, it appears on Builders main menu as it's own category with a set of very helpful tools.

  Raize Software Solutions has a very nice collection of plug-in components for C++ builder.

ZieglerSoft, located in Denmark, also has a very nice and inexpensive package of components for C++ Builder. They add to there collection allot and upgrades are usually free!
Ziegler components


Miscellaneous Links

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